Born in The Netherlands, raised in Sweden and now living in Berlin. I love painting, nature, psytrance, festivals, fashion and geometry.

For my art:
Most things are better in UV light :)
Mid colouring,  and I am all out of yellow :(
I just got myself a printer.  So I printed one of my favourite mandalas and recoloured it.

All of us
Can’t stop drawing on this one :D #mandala #hippie
Just turned my least favourite socks into new favourites.  Batik dye ftw.  #batik #diy #creative #upcycle #hippie #trippy #dye
Just moved to a new room and am now finally able to put up some decorations,  yaay :) #hippie #batik
The beginning of something big
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This one is finally finished! <3

I’m hypnotized…

Based on the flower of life pattern.
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